About cancer

„Suffering person sometimes needs more love,
fervency and fraternal sympathy than all medecines.“

(Fjodor Michajlovič Dostojevskij)


The term cancer is usually used formalignant outgrowths or tumors. The cells multiply as if uncontrollably, spread throughout the whole body, tissues and sometimes create secondary tumors, metastases in other parts of body.

Public is still provided with a little objective and truthful information about the cancer. People are informed about the disease insufficiently or incorrectly,

they know a little about the research development and risk factors of the cancer formation and its prevention possibilities were and still are very rare.


It is a normal, civilization disease. Many times we are accountable for it ourselves.Sometimes directly thorough bad regime, drinking alcohol, smoking cigarretes, stress and sometimes indirectly that we worsen our environment, air quality, potable water and similar.

For prevention of chronic, degenerative diseases for stopping and retraction of tumor process, for distruction of carcinogenic microbes, for support of tumor disintegration, the radical transformation of internal organism environmentis required; itsbalance  alcalization, immediate cancellation of oxidization, cancellation of superiority of free radicals-antioxidant shortage,body,soul and mindbalancerenewal,  regular daily exercise, natural diet,alongwith theconsumation of many vegetables, a lot of liquids and vitamins, daily drinking of fresh water.

Road for the future is a global, extensive iformation on cancer prevention, primary prevention, dissemination of clarification as to proper, natural dietand healthy lifestyle and introduction of individually combined, targeted, biological, immunological therapy against cancer.  The most important step to it will be a consensus and cooperation between conventional and clinical medecine, farmaceutical industry, natural healing and traditional fytotherapy.

Unknown disease, unknown evil is always worse than the known one and therefore the cancer should be openly spoken about.  It is important to pay attention to the signals of our own body and our and of our closest ones, not to forget the prevention and vistin the doctor in time!

And let’s not forget: the strongest weapoon against
disease is our will to live and get healthy!