Activities / Goals

„One, who won‘t be cured by medicine, he will be cured by nature...“




  • Nutrition [importance of healty nutrition]
  • Health education [on diseases and metastases]
  • Presentation of nutrition products [training of experts]
  • Nursing activity [informing on nursing, relation to the disease and its acceptance]
  • Organizing of lectures [information on disease prevention]
  • Change of lifestyle [right nutrition,recognition of own mistakes and willingness to change]

Our organism needs regular supply of nutrients and energy not only because of regeneration of our essential life process.


Our health depends primarily on us..., on our daily decisions, lifestyle.... Unfortunately negative factors, lack, absence of mental health is a base for many different diseases and due to incorrect lifestyle these negative factors play an increasing role in our hectic, rushed world.

"Healthy diet, healthy lifestyle = healthy life"




"In the future doctor will not subscribe his patients any medecine but he will wake in them an interest to care of the human body, diet and reason and prevention of the disease."

(Thomas Edison)

  • disease prevention, education-increase of awareness, way of treatment
  • assistance to patients during their healing process, informing the relatives on their treatment and rehabilitation
  • assistance to patients, suffering persons respectively with metastatic handicap while dealing with the disease and maintaining positive attitude to life
  • assistance to family and relatives, way of life based on understanding, living together and love
  • assistance in the process of understanding, respect and acceptance of everyday realities or changes of lifestyle

It is generally known that a disease is as old as a human, a treatment is as old as a disease...No miracle cure exists, the same way nor does elixir or universal cure produced chemically.

We are happy for the fact that an interest in natural (alternative) treatment methods is increasing. Only we ourselves can be the process participants of getting healthy.

The attending doctor may only show the right way, it is possible to coexist with the disease but overcome it or conquer it we can only if we will have enough strength and faith and wouldn‘t admit the disease weakened our organism and protected it from multiplication of pathogenic cells.