Humanita n.f.

“Well-doing is the greatest bliss in the world.
That who hasn’t felt joy over good,
merciful act doesn’t know what the bliss means.“                                                               (W.M. Thackeray)


Humanita n.f. – charity organization established upon the 7th anniversary of Chernobyl tragedy

Due to an initiative of the group of members of parliament of National Council of the Slovak Republic and other citizens of town Dunajska Streda (Humanita – non-profit organization established on May 5th 1993 as a foundation and in 1997 it was transformed to non-investment fund and in this form it has been functioning ever since).

The goal of the organisation is:

Providing occasional or permanent assistance at Homes of social care to mentally handiccaped children, socially dependent citizens in Slovakia and abroad as well as support to the youth from the area affected by the nuclear catastrophe in Belarussia.

New actual task of the organization is:

Support treatment of children with cancer by the nutrition product CoDTM and Targeted diet system concretely assistance to chronically ill patients who cannot allow to pay for their examinations that are necessary for early recognition, diagnosing, stabilizing and treatment of disease or don’t have financial means for buying necessary products.

Humanitan.f.has been organizing its activities on the principle of voluntariness, willingness, enthusiasm of individuals and organizations to give a hand and help unselfishly to ill, immobile and suffering ones.

Charity activities of„Humanita n.f.”is known and appreciated by residents of Homes of social care, many homeless, those without any supervision not only on Zitny island, in Bratislava and other regions of Slovakia but also many of those who are in need for help in Mogilov area (Belarussia), in Vojvodina, in mining centre Tuzla (ex-Yugoslavia) and in Transylvania (Romania).

We live next to each other or together:

old and young, healthy and ill, happy and suffering ones. We really can be careless even indifferent to the destinies of others. It is said to be a symptom of this period. It is happiness or a miraculous gift that we meet people who forget themselves and think about the others.


On behalf of these noble ideas we would like to address you with the request for cooperation and concrete support of HUMANITA activities.