CoDTM capsule

A nutrition supplement Capsule CoDTM is a new product of high quality based on two milleniums experience of existing natural healing prepared from active substances combined in a unique way. Out of this combination based on 25 years of practical use and accompanyinng research work, the extract with the effect 3:1 detoxifies+ vitalizes+ regenerateswas developed.

CodTM capsule

CoDTM tea

CoDTM tea is a natural tropical tea blend. It comes from South America. It serves for detoxication and alcalization of organism. It helps to eliminate tumor formation and in prevention of metastases in case of following cancer: lungs, breast, stomach, colon, prostate, bones, melanomy, lymphomy non Hodgkin respectively.

CodTM tea

CoDTM vital plus

Vitamins are essential substances for human organism. We have to receive their adequate amount to the organism from external sources by eating. Balanced, adequately varied food even in spite of providing vitamins, minerals and other nutrients essential for the body, biologically valuable substances respectively unfortunately our natural diet often doesn’t correspond with it.

CoDTM vital plus